Bernardsville, NJ – July 17th & 18th

Next up: Our first sale of July 2015!

Take a break from the heat and peruse the collection of this beautifully sophisticated colonial home in Bernardsville – Just minutes down Route 202 from our gallery. Nestled on a wonderful semi-private road this home is filled with Summer treasure!

Need to get some last minute lifting before that vacation next month? We have gym equipment in the basement that can’t wait to get it’s swell on!

Always wanted that coveted mancave? We have your ‘new’ (ahem, very rarely used) pool table!

Enjoying your time on the water and dreading of the Summer’s end? Snag the beautifully framed oversize maps to enjoy year round!

Summer celebrations got you running from block party to wedding to birthday bash? Pick up some super cool vintage glassware- thoughtful, thrifty and totally in.

Check out our video of this weekend’s sale and more photographs below. We look forward to seeing you on Friday from 9am to 3pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Important Information Regarding This Sale: Due to the narrow nature of the road, please refrain from parking on both sides and obey all parking signs posted by the town and Magnusson. Do not, under any circumstance block neighbor’s driveways – Even for a minute. The air conditioning will be on and let’s face it we could all use the extra few car length’s walk from time to time. Thank you for understanding safety is important to us; as such, we remind you to leave all large bags and backpacks in your car. Please feel free bring your well behaved children along for the trip but remember if they break it, you buy it. We use indoor signage as well as Caution Tape throughout the house for a variety of reasoHe and his wife were very pleased with us. We were all so professional and delivered like we said we would. He referred us to his neighbor, Elaine Donato, because he was so satisified.ns, #1 being our customers’ safety, if you are somewhere you should obviously not be, prepare to vacate the property without the opportunity to make a purchase. Pick-ups will be facilitated in the driveway, do not block entrance to the sale’s driveway at any point during the sale hours.

UPDATE: Want to know how the sale went? This is what our clients had to say about us: “We were very pleased with the quality of service. Everyone on your team was so professional. We had very clear expectations for the sale and you delivered on all of them.”

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  • Sheryl

    Great looking website! Congratulations! It’s nice to see the time, effort and thoughts not to mention money that you’ve invested in your business to make it as appealing as possible. Not only is your site beautifully displayed, but easy to navigate, very informative and a great source for information pertaining to your industry.
    Continued success.


  • Magnusson

    Thank you for the feedback, Sheryl!

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