Madison, NJ – May 15th & 16th

This Estate’s collection of jewelry is extensive and beautiful – please note all items have been removed from the premises until the day of the sale and the house is alarmed. With antique mahogany & Louis XV / XVI style furniture paired alongside sterling silver, Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica and St. John’s Knit you can tell this home’s items were well cared for. All high end collectors should take note of the quantity and caliber of these items. See you there!

RESULTS: Originally, the Magnussons were brought in to do an estate tax appraisal. Once the appraisal was completed, the executor asked us for guidance in the sales process after being impressed by the quality of our appraisal. From the kitchen cabinets to diamond rings to a vintage pink Frigidaire Refrigerator, we sold it at this sale and left a broom swept home. We were also retained to sell select pieces to private buyers, or to broker them with auction houses.

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