Complimentary Appraisal Day- March 9th

The Magnussons want to help you sell your gold, contemporary and luxury estate jewelry, watches, silver and coins. Book an appointment with us today for complimentary appraisals, consignment and sales opportunities.

With potential increases in capital gains taxes looming, 2021 has been a great time for sellers to cash in. If you’re not using or enjoying it, it’s time for it to find its next appreciative home.

SOUTH FLORIDA RESIDENTS from Miami to Jupiter: Make sure you and your clients have performed due diligence. Do you need a home inventory and/or appraisal before the next Hurricane season? Protect your personal property. Underwriters will pay upon proof of Photograph & cataloging. Without documentation, you may be in for a battle. Complementary Zoom consultations available to discuss/see your project.

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