Antique English Marquetry Box: $600

Description: A superb marquetry box, circa 1916. This fine antique box has a wonderful slightly domed lid accented with a checkered box top. The inside top of the box has writing in inlaid exotic wood that reads: “Souvenir de la Guerre 1916”. This large hand-crafted box is beautifully made and has a tag on the bottom stating this piece took 5 weeks to make and was done by a Belgian soldier. The box rests on four square feet. This is ideal for keeping your documents, jewelry, or other special belongings. It is absolutely gorgeous and would make a perfect gift!

Material: Exotic Woods

Dimensions: 10ʺW × 6.75ʺD × 5ʺH

Provenance: Private Estate, NJ, USA

Price: $600

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