Shirley Klinghoffer “Recycle Grinder”: $9,000

Description: A true one of a kind piece by Shirley Klinghoffer! The “Recycle Grinder” is a unique sculpture which was part of a series of works called the recycle series. It was created using an antique cast iron grinding wheel with marble chips pouring into it at one end and a carved marble form flowing out from the other end. This sculpture will come with the original pamphlet advertising Klinghoffer’s “Recycle Series” (This Recycle Grinder is Not Pictured). Also, an original 1987 hand-written letter from Shirley Kilinghoffer will be included. The letter contains a description of the Recycle Grinder and adds a tremendous amount of provenance to the artwork. This incredible sculpture is a true statement piece for any collector!

The sculpture overall is about 250 pounds, the heaviest piece measures 38″ x 20″ x 20″ and weighs about 80 pounds or so. The ‘shovel’ and half of the small pieces of marble are one piece, the grinder is one piece, the flowing piece of marble is one piece and the black base in another piece.

Material: Cast Iron, Marble

Dimensions: 54ʺW × 18ʺD × 63ʺH

Provenance: Private Estate, NJ, USA

Price: $9,000

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