Countdown to Vegas!

Las Vegas ASA International Appraisal Conference, October 24-26, 2021

As of 9.27.21, the ASA’s got about 40 Personal Property Registrants rarin’ to go in-person to the Appraisal Conference in Las Vegas, along with another dozen presenters plus sponsors and exhibitors! I am fully vaccinated and eager to be around other people. Finally…. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing presenters NOT ON A SCREEN. I’m taking off my pajamas and hittin’ the road (actually, flying).

It was an odd inaugural year for me to be Chair of a Hybrid Conference. What is that, anyway? I struggled to understand in-person + virtual meetings. After intellectually battling with myself over the past few months, I’ve come to the realization that, those of us actually in Las Vegas, will have the opportunity of a lifetime getting exclusive access to the STARS of our art and appraisal profession. There will be less competition vying for their attention in person. And, I will have more time to spend with you!

Like many during the pandemic, I spent a lot of time alone. Interaction with my professional peers across the country was limited to Zoom meetings and phone calls. I cannot wait to meet in person. I cannot wait to engage with you. This conference is a pivotal opportunity to re-connect, and, frankly, I feel like I’ve been waiting waaaaay too long to do this. In addition, I’m looking forward to Meow Wolf, the Neon Museum (at night) and maybe a trip to the Hoover Dam. My partner’s psyched to play golf and check out the Mob Museum. Hey, we’re from New Jersey; we know a Tony Soprano or two! ….and my fearless 89-year old mother is tagging along just to use up some air miles! You’ll likely find some of us at Sotheby’s Picasso Auction at the Bellagio on Saturday.

About 50% of the audience will be virtual. As for presenters presenting to a room less full, I guarantee a more engaged and grateful audience. I’ve been attending outdoor live music events this past summer. Attendees are better and kinder listeners and applauding more and longer. I’ll never take a live presentation for granted again. A few presenters will be virtual, including the IRS, which does not have federal travel blessings yet.

For those of you who have been hesitant about attending, I’ve been told that we will be the only conference at Planet Hollywood. We will have tons of room to spread out to accommodate each person’s comfort level.  I’ll probably have more room around me than at Walmart. I’m excited to attend the (free!) Welcome Reception, which will be poolside, instead of in a boring ballroom.  As a bonus, I might even catch Gwen Stefani in the Zappos theater!

At a recent event, outdoors, I offered elbow bumps instead of handshakes, which, sadly, felt weird at first. Then I realized that others appreciated it. However, as one who’s been networking all my life, I’m finding that it takes a bit of self-control to avoid auto-lapsing into life-long patterns that today might be uncomfortable. Distance hugs, small bows and blown kisses will likely remain a “thing” for a while yet. I’m okay with that. Smiles work, too!

Can’t make it to Vegas? Don’t worry, the virtual experience will be fulfilling, as well and it’s not too late to sign up! Full streaming of each session and equal opportunities to ask questions with the ability to engage with fellow attendees. This will bring the in- person experience to your living room.

Carpe diem!

Lynn Magnusson, ASA
International Conference, Personal Property Planning Chair

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