Featured Team Member: Kendall Dunn

Kendall Dunn joined The Magnusson Group as our new Client Manager in September. She helps clients define their project goals and guides them through the planning, appraisal, consignment and estate sale processes. Kendall previously worked at the Tina Kim Gallery in Manhattan, The Edward Hopper House in Nyack, NY and museums in Pittsburgh, PA. Born and raised in Bernardsville, NJ, Kendall attended Bernardsville public schools and Gill St. Bernard’s School in Gladstone, NJ.  She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Art History and Museum Studies. 

We asked Kendall a few questions so our Magnusson community can get to know her better!

How has Covid-19 affected or changed you?
The Covid-19 rollercoaster brought me to the Magnussons!  Before the pandemic hit in March, I was commuting and working in Chelsea, NYC at a Blue Chip Art Gallery.  I lost my job due to shutdowns and my New York City career got put on hold. In order to find a new job, I had to expand my comfort zone and consider working outside of the city. After months of searching, I was fortunate to discover The Magnusson Group and be offered this position. Joining this team was a welcome surprise! 

Who’s Your Favorite Artist?
My favorite artist is the American Realist painter Edward Hopper. I was introduced to his work in elementary school by my art teacher and have been fascinated by his compositions ever since. I am intrigued by his stunning nautical landscapes, lonely and isolated scenes and his realistic view of life in the Northeast. Some of my favorite paintings are Railroad Sunset (1929), The Lighthouse at Two Lights (1929) and Mansard Roof (1923). In 2016, I helped create the Edward Hopper House archive and also assisted with building an Edward Hopper library for the museum. Getting to be amongst so many of his works under one roof was exhilarating!

Who was your most influential teacher and why?
Mr. Fred Corona came out of retirement to teach math at Gill St. Bernard’s after a 32 year tenure at Mendham High School. I’m so glad he did, as I never minded going to Algebra II or Pre-Calculus in high school.  He was every student’s biggest cheerleader and wanted each of his students to succeed and enjoy learning.  I’ll never forget his enthusiasm and devotion to the student body. 

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