Featured Team Member: Nathan Buchek

Nathan Buchek recently joined The Magnusson Group as a Project Manager. He assists in the preparation of estate sales, on-line auctions and appraisals. Before working in the art world, Nathan was an attorney where he litigated trademark, copyright and patent issues in Federal Courts across the country. After a decade of legal practice, Nathan switched gears to study at Sotheby’s Institute of Art where he graduated as the class valedictorian in its Art Business program. He became a Fine Art specialist for a regional auction house before joining Sotheby’s in New York City where he worked in Business Development and Operations. Nathan has a JD from Fordham University School of Law where he was a Notes and Articles Editor for its Intellectual Property Law journal. Nathan also has a BFA in Painting and a BA in Asian Studies from Cornell University. When not spending time with his family in Glen Rock, Nathan can usually be found behind his drum kit.

We asked Nathan a few questions so our Magnusson community can get to know him better!

What was your path to your current job at The Magnusson Group??
I think I’ve had a pretty unusual career path. I graduated from college with a degree in painting and did what anyone allergic to starving would do and decided to go to law school. I ended up practicing intellectual property law (trademark, copyright and patent law) at law firms in New York City for a decade when I started looking for ways to return to my fine art roots. I went to Sotheby’s Institute of Art with an eye to work in the auction industry after graduation. I first worked as a fine art specialist at a regional auction house, and then moved on to Sotheby’s headquarters in New York City where I worked in both Business Development and Operations. Immediately before joining The Magnusson Group, I was on the operational side of the fine and decorative arts industry.

What is something that no one would ever guess about you?
I’m an avid PC gamer and have been building PCs for more than 20 years. I’m a tech nerd at heart.


What’s your favorite medium?
I have a BFA in painting and I’m heavily biased towards oil painting. I enjoy the control, flexibility and appearance of oil over every other two-dimensional medium. I don’t have a favorite artist, but because my paintings and drawings are usually highly realistic, I tend to find it easier to visually appreciate technically proficient painting of, for example, Dutch Old Masters, Hudson River School or Photorealists. Conversely, my greatest interest, art historically, is the development of fine art from the mid-19th Century through to Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art.


What was your favorite vacation spot?
Rome, Italy. I first went to Italy in high school on an art study trip. In college, I spent a semester in Rome and have been hooked ever since. In total, I’ve probably spent over a year there and am looking forward for my next opportunity to visit. For me, the combination of history, art, food, and culture within a vibrant and bustling city is unmatched anywhere else.

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