Fraud for Gold – SHAME ON THEM

Fraud for Gold – SHAME ON THEMNJ gold selling consumers beware! The Star Ledger published an article Thursday, July 2 Cash-for-Gold fraud tips the scales against sellers. We’ve been warning our clients and friends for years to avoid selling their precious metal jewelry and coins to charlatans. “They sound so nice and professional.”

The Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports has been warning that consumers have been underpaid or flat-out robbed by television and internet cash-for-gold operators. The NJ Office of Weights and Measures has formed a Precious Metals Task Force to conduct surprise inspections of scales. The biggest rip-offs are the “transient buyers;” the ones that take out the full-page ads in the Star Ledger! Springs were found in their scales, cheating customers out of accurate measurements of their gold and silver. Some fraudulent NJ dealers even had store-fronts, with scales that were all inaccurate in their favor. What a coincidence!
In case you’re interested in selling your unwanted gold and silver jewelry, we’ve just gotten a new state-of-the-art scale to help you take advantage of $1200/ounce gold. Fridays are a good day to meet with Drew and weigh-in on your decision making. He’ll explain the testing and weighing methodology. Give a call and make an appointment! You’ll be richer for it.
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