How COVID Improved Our Virtual Vision

Like so many small businesses around the country, The Magnusson Group finds itself adapting to a new standard of professional practices in the wake of COVID-19. Our goal is to remain efficient and safe while providing the highest level of quality service to all of our clients and customers. As an industry leader, we are motivated by both creativity and sustainability and are now visiting homes for inspections while maintaining COVID-19 protocols. Assignments will be determined based upon the pandemic’s effect on marketability on the effective date.

Taking cues from the current landscape, we have embraced technology to reinvigorate our repertoire as outlined below:

Virtual Walk-Through Examination Appointments

  • via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and Facetime

Insurance Updates and Fair Market Value Appraisals

  • Determined by current price indices, sales and proprietary databases
  • Asset management consultations

New Appraisals

  • Based upon inventories and images, followed up with future in-person examinations
  • Access our Virtual Appraisal Form located here

Estate Sales (Ticketed, Controlled Admittance & Socially-distanced) 

  • Strict adherence to current guidelines applied, including taking temperature

Expanded E-Commerce Venue Options for Consignors

  • Improved website and luxury store sites
  • Contactless pickups, shipping and delivery
  • Access our Consignment Request Form located here

Selling with The Magnusson Group is not only easy but practical.

Are you or your clients investigating options for selling and disposing personal property and collections? If so, gaining a solid understanding of liquidity is essential, especially during the pandemic. Although the current environment has brought economic uncertainty to many households and businesses across the county, many auctions and public sales venues have unexpectedly experienced impressive results in Q1 and Q2 as consignors clamber for liquidity and buyers compete to purchase an astounding volume of new-to-market items and collections.

Selling with The Magnusson Group is not only easy but practical. Enlisting our services can yield more money in your pocket. We work to ascertain the optimal venue(s) for your fine art, antiques, luxury goods, collections and home contents while offering favorable consignment rates and negotiating for preferential terms. Additionally, we provide transparent access to our venues, specialists, collectors and consignment rates, which are typically opaque and inaccessible.

As president of The Magnusson Group, I extend my personal invitation to discuss your personal property needs with our team today. We are at your disposal to offer affordable, bespoke solutions to your family.


Co-authored by: Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA and Heather Zises, Director of Communications

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