How Do I Sell My Antiques?

The appraiser’s job is to determine the scope of the project. This means that you should be prepared to answer important questions that will determine the answer to your question.

– What is your motivation? Are you moving, downsizing, in need of cash, trading up or settling an estate?

– What is your time frame? When do you need to have the cash in hand?

– Do you have the authority to sell or are you calling on behalf of someone else?

– How have you ever sold your items in the past and what was your experience?

– Are you seeking offers or are you looking for an appraisal?

– What is the quantity and quality of your antiques?

– Do you have a previous appraisal? When was it conducted, for what purpose and by whom?

The answers to these questions will establish the plan of action, starting with making an appointment to examine the item(s). Many times, the marketplace and result expectations are quickly determined. The end result is a successful sale in an appropriately timely fashion.Expect to pay a fee for the appraiser’s time, market expertise, knowledge and connoisseurship skills.


you don’t hire professionals because it costs you.
You hire professionals because it pays.

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