Museum DeAccessioning

Museums across the country are selling off portions of their collections to generate cash for operating expenses. It’s a passionate discussion; no one wants to HAVE to do this. Sadly, reality interferes with artistic missions. If you can’t experience it, is there still art?

Many museums and historical institutions SHOULD redefine their mission statements, re-allocate their collections and re-focus on their core constituents.

It’s important to keep the lights on, doors open and remain relevant to your community! Creativity is key!

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  • Valerie DeBenedette

    This is one of those “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” situations. Museums are strapped for the cash they need to keep the doors open. If the doors close, no one sees the collection, so they have to sell some of the collection so that the rest of the collection can be kept on display.

    However, they risk pissing off long-time donors and letting go of some works that are truly important either historically or artistically.

    And who will they sell to? Other museums are in the same boat. Will the private individuals take good care of the pieces they buy or allow researchers access to them?

    Like I said: Damned either way.


  • Lynn Magnusson, ASA AAA

    “important” is such an over-used term, isn’t it? At auction, such pieces sell to the one who cares (pays) the most!

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