NYC Americana Week

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.

I have a love hate relationship with Americana Week in NYC. I love it because one can see the most interesting and magnificent art and antiques up close and personal in a week. I hate it because January is such an incredibly busy month at work and I usually can’t take the time to go. I’ve been working 7 days a week as it is to make sure all our clients are attended to and the bills get paid.

So close and yet, so far…..

Don’t get me wrong. I ALWAYS plan to go. I even read all the auction catalogs and TAAS schedule of events, and map out an agenda. I put a day or two on the calendar in December. I note all the really cool things I want to see in person and outside of a museum. I know where to park and how to get around.

Prioritize and Procrastinate

So, Tuesday’s the big day I’ve got on the calendar this year. After I go to the gym and after completing a couple of appraisals, returning 12 client phone messages from the weekend, writing a newsletter, visiting my mom and dad, calling my daughter at college, grocery shopping, getting airline tickets for either JazzFest or JukeJoint Fest, drain-o-ing the kitchen sink, fixing the shed leak, bill-paying and banking, and starting a diet….

Who knows what I’ll actually get accomplished this week. My NAPO friends will probably holler at me. And so they should. I will holler at myself.

Perhaps next year, I won’t have this problem. I won’t put it on the calendar and thus will eliminate any expectations.

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