Staff Favorites From Our Morristown Estate

Every now and then a project comes our way that genuinely excites our entire team.  Comfort zones get challenged, boundaries get pushed, problems get solved, creativity blossoms.  We leap from auto-pilot to full steam ahead.

This Morristown Estate Sale challenged us from our first client meeting to today, and likely, through final disposition.  We can’t wait to open the door Thursday, February 28.

Built 100 years ago, this palatial 12,000 square foot Estate is located in bucolic New Vernon (otherwise known as Harding Township, Morristown).  The Estate owners saw fit to move the contents of their NYC penthouse, their Dallas home and their Southampton home to this venue.  In addition to the main residence, now staged with the contents of FOUR homes, there is a large wood-working shop downstairs, a 3-car garage, and a pool house which we have converted into a designer clothing boutique.

Our job began with a massive un-packing and exposing for the purpose of the heirs’ choosing their mementos. Next came the staging of this Magnificent Magnusson Sale.  Merely putting like-kind objects together was serious effort as no boxes or crates had been identified!  Imagine over a dozen bedrooms, several living areas, four dining rooms and kitchens, libraries, closets, butler’s pantries, attics.  Whatever you’re picturing, quadruple it.  There’s nary a void square foot.  Now photograph, research and price it.  Our team has invested over 3000 hours in this project. It’s been a pleasurable treasure hunt all along the way.  We’ve had such fun performing this magical transformation.  

As we prepare to open the doors of this prominent Morristown Estate to our customers, a few of our team members took a moment to note their favorite items from the collections inside.

Drew liked the Ornate Presentation Cup having antler-form handles from Philadelphia’s J.E. Caldwell & Co. at left.  It is a fine example of creativity and craftsmanship. In addition, at right, this imposing .800 silver Chinese bowl would make a unique centerpiece to any modern dining experience.

Kollin’s nostalgic choice was the beautiful Sterling Silver Table Lighter sold by Tiffany & Co. (maker unknown).  He said it reminded him of “Mad Men” that showed smoking indoors as part of everyday activity. Lynn prefers functional decorative objects, citing  the Asian Lacquer Cabinets, a pair of Round Trompe l’oiel Side Tables and a pair of Tufted Leather Loveseats as some of her favorite pieces. Drew is enamored with the fine selection of fauteuils across this estate, with several sets from the 1800’s.

Leslie, who likes shiny objects, was impressed by this large Thai Benjarong Covered Jar that exhibits strong hues of blue, oxblood, and celadon. There are many fine Asian porcelain vessels, textiles, furniture and decorative arts, including Thai, Japanese, Balinese and Indian.

From the Asian choices, Lauren said she was enamored by this simple yet elegant Chinese Vase.  It was one of our favorite pieces from the sizable inventory of Chinese 19th century and Kangxi porcelain.  Jack was similarly impressed by the large amount of jade objects, both functional and decorative, of which this incredible Figurative Carved Coupe (at right) is one of his favorites. The charming life-size Bavent Terracotta Greyhound is arguably the most-loved piece in the house, with nearly every team member adding it to their list of favorites.

Carole and Donna have been intimately involved in the staging and research of hundreds of designer and bespoke dresses, suits, gowns, skirts, pants, blouses, coats and furs. Carole loved the Chanel Suit (likely designed by Karl Lagerfeld). Donna modeled the fabulous Lanvin Paris Evening Dress. You can also mix-and-match with this huge selection for great looks like this (at right), blending vintage and midcentury motifs.  Lynn wished some of the cool vintage clothes were in her size.

Lauren also liked this unusual and stunning 18k Gold Necklace set with Diamonds and Rubies, at left.  Like most Magnusson sales, you’ll find a choice selection of fine and fun jewelry. From the cases, these beautiful Tiffany & Co. 14k Gold Globe Earrings are just one of many designer pieces from the makers Cartier, Blancpain, Gucci, Piaget, Breitling, and others. Lastly, the prominence of Asian artifacts continues into the jewelry display, a prime example being this fascinating 18-karat and jade pendant. A MCM Sunburst wall sculpture mounted near the jewelry display is a real statement piece, with Lynn and Kollin both loving it’s form. Kevin says he’s thankful that jewelry isn’t his thing; his credit card balance might have a few extra zeroes.


Best of Luck, Happy Hunting!
–The Magnussons

If you’d like to see additional photos and learn more about the items available from this Morristown estate, please clink the button below…

Co-authored by: Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA and Kollin Handler, Communications Director

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