The Connectors Between the Collectors

For over 20 years, the Magnusson team has had the privilege of working with distinguished collectors and prominent estates. We love to hear the stories behind these great collections in order to help clients value them and, in many cases,  sell them. Interesting collections have come through executors, lawyers, bankers, realtors, and of course, collectors and their families.

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Times have changed, and so have we.

As pioneers of the New Jersey Estate Sale industry since the early 1990s, we have pursued professional appraisal accreditations, grown both our number of employees and our reputation, and launched a brokerage firm to help our clients sell higher quality collections worldwide.

Magnusson Estate Services serves it’s clients best by capitalizing on the relationships built over the past two decades by parent company, Personal Property Consultants (PPC). As our network deepened and our customers and clients came to know us on a first (and last) name basis, a name change was in order. The firm’s goal is to provide a wide variety of appraisal and sale options to both our town and country clientele.

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