Realtors & Downsizers

  • Do you need a professional partner to treat your client’s personal property like you treat their real estate?
  • Do you need to dispose of contents in order to sell a home?
  • Do you need help deciding what to do with unwanted home furnishings?
  • Do you need project management?

Our professional estate sales and bespoke brokerage services provide you with all the tools necessary for the successful sale of home contents and collections.

Attorneys, Estate Planners & Executors

  • Do you need an expert to identify & value personal property?
  • Do you need unbiased guidance or project management?
  • Are you estate planning fine art, collections and jewelry?
  • Is Estate Tax a Consideration?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the task of selling an estate’s assets?
  • Is asset disposal a nightmare for you?
  • Are you afraid to dispose of items for fear of seeing them on Antiques Roadshow one night?

From appraisals to estate tax planning, we take the stress out of managing, valuing and selling of estate assets.

Homeowners & Collectors

  • Do you have high value art, antiques, objects, or jewelry that need to be protected from potential loss?
  • Does your insurance underwriter require an unbiased appraisal of your home contents?
  • Does your collection need management or direction?

Make sure your valuables are protected with professional appraisals.

Heirs & Divorcees

  • Dividing up an estate?
  • Do you need to value assets fairly for division in an estate or divorce?
  • Do you need an accurate & unbiased identification and valuation?
  • Is fighting too expensive?
  • Are you working with a Collaborative Law Attorney?
  • Is testimony likely to be required?

Avoid disputes and get professional valuation of assets for equitable distribution.

Does this sound like you? Contact us today.

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