A Trusted Resource to Help Identify, Value and Sell Your Art, Antiques, Jewelry and Home Contents

New Jersey’s Luxury Estate Sale and Appraisal Firm

Unbiased, accredited appraisers provide connoisseurship and guidance to clients requiring valuation of their antiques, art, collections and home contents for sale, estate or donation tax, equitable distribution and insurance scheduling.
The Magnusson Team provides a bespoke, respectful service of staging, photography, editing, research, pricing, and marketing. We make your home a friendly and welcoming environment for buyers willing to pay a premium for new to market items.
Magnusson consistently delivers top results to our clients by utilizing the most appropriate and profitable sales venues for your collections. By understanding your circumstances, timing, and expectations, we help achieve your goals.
The Magnusson Team focuses on helping attorneys, trust officers, executors, beneficiaries, realtors, institutions, and private collectors value and sell their tangible personal property. Read what they think of us here.

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