Creative techniques to maximize returns for our clients. Helping determine when and where it is appropriate to sell your valuables.

For the client’s benefit, Magnusson utilizes the most appropriate and profitable sales methods for high value, significant items and collections. Our unique medley of market strategies include: on-site estate sales, private treaty sales, gallery presentations, NYC auctions, international and specialty auctions. We handle scheduling, moving, cataloging, consignments and all negotiations from initial appraisal to clearing the checks.

For our clients, placing consignments to auction is stress free because we handle all the details. Additionally, we provide a knowledgeable, trustworthy, and unbiased professional connection inside the art sales industry.

Magnusson is an established consignor to a wide variety of auctions. Our clients benefit from our ability to competitively negotiate commission rates while maintaining discretion and our fiduciary responsibility.

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