Creating the Perfectly Imperfect Eclectic Home

I love designing an eclectic home. Being able to mix and match different colors, styles, eras, textures & colors is liberating. In my business, I encounter many estate sale & consignment customers who want a blended sense of style, but are uncertain how to pull it off.

In truth, an eclectic style is rather simple.

If you follow these fundamental guidelines, you can mix & match pieces as much as you want!


Neutrals are fundamental in eclectic design.  Just because your walls, rugs or couches are in a neutral color DOES NOT make them boring! The only way to highlight your special pieces is to bring calming colors in.

Bold Walls

PS: A bold, focal wall in one of your pops of color can be a great way to direct the eye!

Choose Pops of Color

Pops of color will make a room come alive. I recommend choosing one or two pops of color for beginner decorators to add vibrancy to a space. Sometimes, like here, combining different shades of the same color is enough to make a statement.


Don’t want a room to get too crazy? Get furniture friends! Choose pairs or sets of furniture for cohesion like these lavender armchairs. The matching pillows, lamps, and side-tables make this wonderful space make sense. The easiest way to create balance is to utilize symmetry when you organize your matching items.

Consistent Personality

Last but not least, don’t forget to keep the personality in one room consistent. Have one theme for your room. In this case, this art space is a natural oasis filled with plants, rocks, landscape and horse imagery. There is a lot going on, but the items have a relationship with each other to tell a story.

Never be afraid to go eclectic! Design can be challenging, but the most important part of defining your space is to have fun. Take a chance. Find pieces you love. Use neutrals, pops of color, balance, and a consistent personality to arrange the space of your dreams. The good news is, you can always change it all around if that suits you!

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Co-Authors: Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA and Becky Lipnick, Communications Coordinator

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