Marianne’s Story: An Estate Sale Experience

I was first introduced to The Magnusson Group by our family lawyer after the death of my mother in 2012, when we engaged them to perform a personal property appraisal for her estate. From the first encounter, they displayed compassion and professionalism, as well as sensitivity to our family in a difficult time. Lynn and Drew spent many hours assessing the property, researching, and explaining their findings to my siblings and me.

When the time came to get my parents’ house ready to be sold 4 years later, we were faced with a daunting task – how to distribute/sell/donate all of their collectibles, artwork, furniture, household goods, and yes, even junk. Right away I thought of The Magnusson Group, knowing they could help. I called Lynn, and happily she remembered us and the contents of the house. She offered their services right away and walked through the process in a phone call. The next step was for Lauren and Drew to come to the house to meet with me and plan for an estate sale. They clearly explained what would happen and when, planned days for staging and sale, and got right to work.

From the start, they did a beautiful job of organizing, cleaning, and staging the items for maximum effect. They put in many hours researching and appraising all the artwork, jewelry, antiques, and other items, and pricing them appropriately. The knowledge that Lauren, Lynn, and Drew brought to the table was invaluable, as was that of their consultants. The entire crew worked tirelessly to get things ready in time for the big weekend! Every time I stopped by the house, I could see progress being made, and I knew that the items were being handled with the utmost care. The advertising and photographs of the sale items were very professional and generated a huge amount of interest in buyers, and the websites were easily accessible and simple to navigate.
The sale days were handled skillfully and efficiently, with a large enough team to keep the crowd moving while also giving them time to shop without feeling rushed.
Even though the team handled an incredible number of transactions, there were still items left – some valuable, some interesting, and some junk. The Magnusson Group knew just what to do with what was left, filling a dumpster with trash, and calling in an auction company to take the valuable items for sale.

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  • denise lipsius

    Great article!

    Happy Fourth!

    May the fourth be with you. Ha Ha.


  • Magnusson

    Thank you, Denise! May the Fourth be with you as well!

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