What is a Listed Artist?

As you scroll through stories about art & antiques, you may have stumbled across the term “listed artist.” What & who is a “listed artist?

If you look up the term “listed artist” in a dictionary, you will probably find a definition that says: “a term commonly used by appraisers to describe an artist who is ‘listed’ in standard art reference books.”

However, the term has a more nuanced meaning for auction houses and appraisers.

When determining the fair market value of artist’s works, it is imperative to research their auction results. An appraiser will need to see if an artist has an auction track record. By checking previous results, appraisers can make comparisons to the art they appraise.

Simply put, listed artists have numerous public auction sale records.

One auction “listing” is not enough to consider someone a “listed artist.” A listed artist will also be found on online art databases.

It can be particularly hard for contemporary artists to make their mark in the secondary auction world. An artist can still be successful selling in galleries, but not at auction. However, some there are a select number of living artists who gain favor in the gallery and auction market. For instance, local New Jersey artist Robert Waltsak sells at galleries in NJ, NY, & CT, as well as at auction houses. Waltsak is a “listed artist” New Jersey should be proud to call its own! If you would like to meet “Bob” or purchase one of his works of art, visit our Magnusson Estate Sale & Preview Receptions on Friday-Saturday, May 19th-20th. Learn More

Co-Authors: Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA and Becky Lipnick, Communications Coordinator

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  • Andy Rose

    Good article. When buying a painting buy it because you love it. Never buy for investment unless your buying important pieces like Warhol , Rothko and other post war artists. If your a collector of an artist still working don’t be discouraged when you see the works sell for a fraction of what you paid for in the gallery. Actually you should buy from auction and estates . Artists are entitled to make a profit on their work . Again buy because the art makes you feel good . Get to know the artist. And look for their works on Live Auctioneeers And Estatesales.net

  • Magnusson

    Good advice, Andy. We find estate sales are one of the best ways to purchase affordable, high-quality art that you will love!

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