Magnusson Match Ups: Episode 1

Our new Match Up Series introduces our clients and customers to other esteemed professionals in our networks.

Countdown to Vegas!

A personal message from Lynn Magnusson, Personal Property Conference Chair of ASA, about the upcoming ASA International Conference.

Featured Team Member: Nathan Buchek

Nathan joins us as a Project Manager who has a experience in both the law and art world.

Viva Las Vegas Part 2: Proving Provenance on Paper

Sharpen your connoisseurship skills by learning more about the subjects of Ephemera and Provenance at the upcoming ASA Conference.

Featured Team Member: GraceAnn Murphy

GraceAnn is one of our stagers and long-time resident of Basking Ridge.

Featured Team Member: Donna Goldstein

Donna is one of our Estate Sale Project Managers and long-time resident of Morristown.

Cryptomania and NFTs and Beeple, Oh My!

What does it all mean for the world of Art and Collectibles?

Complimentary Appraisal Day- April 13th

Sign up for your Complimentary Appraisal today!

Fruitful and Free in Florida, San(d)s COVID

Lynn Magnusson reflects on the past year of shutdowns aka “365 Days of What the Heck?”

Complimentary Appraisal Day- March 9th

Sign up for your Complimentary Appraisal today!

Featured Team Member: Carole Washington

Carole is our in-house stylist and long-time resident of Morristown.

Featured Team Member: Kendall Dunn

Kendall is our new Client Liaison and a lifelong native of Bernardsville.

Acciardi Michaud Homes November Newsletter 2020

Read what others are saying about us! Big thanks to Acciardi Michaud Homes for featuring us in their November Newsletter!

Featured Team Member: Lori Fedkenheuer

Lori is our our marketing expert, realtor liaison, and an invaluable member of the estate sales team.

Featured Team Member: Heather Zises

Heather joined our team in June as the new Director of Communications. She is an accomplished editor and writer with over 20 years of experience in public relations and social media marketing.

The Importance of Photographic Inventories

If you are planning to stage your house for sale, it is important to take a photographic inventory of your home in advance in order to establish value.

Joan Goldsmith Biographical Essay

Joan Goldsmith’s paintings possess a quiet energy with geometric panes that capture the viewer though their shifting intensity.

How COVID Improved Our Virtual Vision

Like so many small businesses around the country, The Magnusson Group finds itself adapting to a new standard of professional practices in the wake of COVID-19.

Utilizing Your Personal Assets to Gain Liquidity…How Can We Help?

In these challenging times, many clients are concerned about generating liquidity. Do you have measurable value “sitting around” in your personal assets? Quite possibly!

What to buy in 2020; HOT + NOT

New Year = New Tastes

Here are 5 items that will be HOT or NOT in 2020!

Downsizing Tips From A Luxury Estate Expert

Are you downsizing? It’s a complicated process! Here are some tips to help generate cash during this critical process, and keep your most treasured items!

What Makes Our Estate Sales Different

Has someone referred your estate project to the Magnusson Group?

25 Years Of The Magnusson Group!

We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary here at The Magnusson Group! Here’s a little bit about how we’ve turned our one-time hobby into our full-time career!

What Is A Personal Property Appraiser?

Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA and Joseph Chu, CSA of Assisted Living Locators get together to discuss the critical value of using a personal property appraiser when preparing for a major life change.

Historic Furniture for Sale at Harding Estate Sale

A particularly important and exquisite piece of furniture lies in situ at our upcoming Harding Estate Sale. Read on to learn all about it…

Buying Cruise Ship Art: A Lesson in Trickery

Want to start your art collection?

Don’t use your sea-legs…

The Not-Very-Safe Deposit Box

A safe deposit box at your local bank is a surefire way to protect your valuables and family heirlooms, right?


The Antiques Roadshow Fallacy…

Just how much Hollywood-magic goes into everyone’s favorite arts related television show? Not just magic, but hundreds of man-hours of research and preparation…

Estate Planning For Your Personal Property; 4 Essential Tips

When we leave this earth, we can’t take anything with us; Here are some of the oft overlooked challenges which can make estate planning so dicey…

The Importance of Inventories for HNWIs | Part 2

Company President Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA discusses the importance of inventories with estate planning guru Martin Shenkman, CPA, MBA, PFS, AEP, JD in this new video series.

The Importance of Inventories for HNWIs | Part 1

Company President Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA discusses the importance of inventories with estate planning guru Martin Shenkman, CPA, MBA, PFS, AEP, JD in this new video series.

Staff Favorites From Our Morristown Estate

Our staff picked out some of the their favorite pieces available at our upcoming Morristown estate sale…

Investing in Metals: Coins or Bullion?

Have you ever thought of “investing” in precious metals like gold or silver to diversify your portfolio? Before you do, read this…

It Sold For What?! – Classic Car Edition

Everybody loves a classic car, but not everyone knows the risks involved in purchasing one. It’s time to test your knowledge of these four-wheeled appreciable assets!

Discovering Murano: The Island Behind the Glass

The glassblowing studios of Murano, Venice have been churning out masterpieces in glass since the 13th century.

Vintage Movie Posters…What Are They Worth?

Movie posters look great, but how do experts ascertain value, condition, and originality?

Your Introduction to Folk and Outsider Art

What is “outsider” art? Who is an “outsider”? Read on for answers to all of your questions!

Selling your Art? What You Need To Know

How to avoid common pitfalls, and what to do when trying to sell your artwork!

Lynn’s Likes: Harding Estate Highlights

Our company president walks you through some of the most interesting pieces available at our upcoming Harding estate sale…

Interview with Damion Del Corsano, Brightway Insurance Agency Owner

Our newest blog series, featuring local insurance professional Damion Del Corsano.

It Sold For What?! – Timepiece Edition

Test your knowledge of the luxury timepiece market!

A Father’s Day Gift-Why Rolex is So Special

Why Not a Rolex for that #1 Dad in Your Life?

Your Unsigned Art could be a relic from the USSR!

A quick guide to estimate if your unsigned art might be from the Soviet Union.

Introducing Our *New* Online Store!

Check to our new Store! Bringing you some of the newest and most exciting items from our private inventory!

The Ultimate Guide for Buying Antique Furniture In Real Life

There are so many ways to buy secondhand furniture. Find out which is best for you!

Managing Estate Sale Anxiety: An Estate Sale Experience

Read this estate sale testimonial about handling downsizing anxiety.

How Does the IRS Define a “Qualified Appraiser?”

Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA, ISA AM explains the standards the IRS uses to define a “qualified appraiser.”

What’s In Your Home?

Are you able to determine the value of items in your home? Take this Magnusson Quiz to find out.

It Sold For What?! – Downsizing Edition

Out of these household collectibles, can you guess which sold for what?

Appraisal Story: Accidental vs. Mistaken vs. Fair Sales & Gifts to Institutions

Can you imagine accidentally giving away $40,000? Don’t make this mistake when donating home contents to a charitable institution.

Duncan Phyfe Federal Furniture On Display In Magnusson Gallery

View these incredible pieces of Duncan Phyfe furniture at Magnusson’s Harding Gallery for a limited time.

The Ultimate Top 10 Holiday Gifts Ideas for 2017

This holiday season, find the perfect gift at a bargain price.

Magnusson Estate Sale Entry Form Tutorial Video

Visiting a Magnusson Estate Sale? Watch this tutorial for using our Electronic List Entry Form.

4 Must-See NYC Museums Exhibitions To Explore This Winter

You do not want to miss these NYC winter art museum exhibitions.

Donate to the NCJAR 2017 Winter Coat & Turkey Drives

Winter is approaching and Thanksgiving is already right around the corner. Donate food items and gently used coats now!

It Sold For What?! – Collectibles

Out of these household collectibles, can you guess which sold for what?

What to Expect When You Use An Auction House

What can you expect when consigning at auction? Find out the answer in our latest Magnusson blog.

Why You Need to Sell Your Sterling Silver to a Certified Professional

Sterling silver is a precious metal, meaning that it always has value. If you own sterling silver, your asset should either be protected or sold. Just make sure you aren’t swindled!

Will your Items Sell Best at Auction?

Learn if consigning to an auction house is the right sales methodology for your project.

Lynn Magnusson Speaks With Design NJ Magazine In Latest Article

Design NJ just published a story on appraising inherited antiques, citing Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA! Read the full article, “Not Just Any Old Thing,” here.

It Sold for What?! – Home & Travel

Can you match the price tags to these home & travel items?

What is Personal Property?

Appraisal Question 101: What is Personal Property?

Patriotic Museum Trips in Morristown, NJ this July

Celebrate this 4th of July with some fun, patriotic museums trips!

Win $10 Off Estate Sale Purchase!

Enter Drawing to Win $10 Off Future Estate Sale Purchase!

Keep It, Cash It, Gift It or Trash It?

Play our New Magusson Game: Keep It, Cash It, Gift It or Trash It?

Never Pay for a Storage Unit!

On a regular basis, I talk my clients out of paying for a storage unit. Read more to find out why.

What is a Listed Artist?

As you scroll through stories about art & antiques, you may have stumbled across the term “listed artist.” What & who is a “listed artist?

Paintings Undervalued by $1.77 Million in Estate Tax Case

If the IRS determines that you gave them a misleading appraisal report, expect to pay. In Estate of Kollsman v. Commissioner, the Tax Court found that the evaluation used for the Estate’s taxes was off by $1.77 Million. What went wrong?

Appraisal Story: The Painting Behind the Piano

I’ve learned an important fact in my years as an appraiser: Expect the Unexpected!
A few years ago, I found myself in the home of a new client…

It Sold for WHAT?! – Sculpture Edition

It Sold for WHAT?! is back! See the latest release of our Magnusson Original Trivia Game.

Do You Know What You Own?

How do you determine what your household contents are worth in the current marketplace? Most people assume their homeowner’s insurance covers what they own, but they do so without a basic grasp of their collection.

Live on Bidsquare: Affordable Art Auction

The Magnusson’s inaugural online auction will consist of affordable art from all over the globe, including watercolors, oils, charcoals, etchings, prints and drawings. This offering is designed to appeal to all art lovers and collectors with a wide variety of flat art being auctioned.

Do You Need an Estate Sale?

Right around this time of year, our phones ring off the hook with people wondering if they should have an estate sale. Do you wonder, too?

The Big Mistake Celebrities Make When Estate Planning

Prince died without a will and his estate is now subject to intestacy laws. This very private person’s life will now become very public. His story is another timely reminder that nearly everyone thinks they will live a long time. Can you or your clients learn from his mistakes?

Appraisal Story: Evaluating a ‘One in a Million’

How do you appraise an item when nothing of its kind and quality has ever been seen, let alone sold?

It Sold for WHAT?!

Hello! Welcome to the Magnusson Online Game, It Sold for WHAT?!

In this game of trivia, you are given 2 images of fine & decorative arts. Deduce which item sold for what between the options.

Ready? Set? Go!

Creating the Perfectly Imperfect Eclectic Home

I love designing an eclectic home. Being able to mix and match different colors, styles, eras, textures & colors is liberating. In my business, I encounter many estate sale & consignment customers who want a blended sense of style, but are uncertain how to pull it off.

5 Hacks to Let Go Of Your “Stuff” (& Make Money!) while Downsizing

The majority of calls we receive contain the words: “lots of stuff.” The definition of “stuff” is quite broad, isn’t it? Many of us don’t even know what their “stuff” is- but we know we don’t want to let go of it! Our Hacks give you simple advice about how to let go of unused items and to turn them into money.

Do You Need a Professional Downsizer?

If you need professional help (with your downsizing project, I mean!) there are countless options available to you.

The Top 10 Vintage Holiday Gifts

This holiday season, find the perfect gift at a bargain price. How? Go vintage!

Downsizing Cast of Characters

To lighten your holidays, enjoy this humorous portrayal of the players involved in a downsizing project. From the Mother Hen to the Cookie Monster, you are sure to recognize some of these characters at your Thanksgiving table.

It’s Old! How Age Affects Your Valuables

In almost every phone call that comes into my office, there is someone on the other line interested in the price of something “old.” This is what you need to know about age & personal property.

Magnussons are Collecting Coats, Winter Accessories & Turkeys

The Magnusson Group is proud to be contributing to Pathways Academy & the NCJAR Turkey & Coat drive.

What Makes A Presidential Political Collection Valuable?

Of all the Trump, Clinton, & Bernie hats, bumper stickers, signs, posters, post cards, flags, pins, etc., what will be worth more in the future? The answer may not be what you expect.

Why You Should Be Buying Antique Furniture Right Now

Now is an incredible time to buy antique furniture secondhand. Find out why!

“Sold!” Or is it? Auction Houses & Chandelier Bidding

Learn about the practice of Chandelier Bidding to prevent being misled by FAKE BIDS.

The Best Museum Exhibitions in the Tri-State this Fall

Find out what Lynn’s picks are for the best fall museum exhibitions in the tri-state area.

When To Keep Art Solely As An “Investment”

“My dad swears that the vintage lithograph he gave me as a birthday gift 5 years ago will be worth millions one day. I hate it, but should I keep it just in case?”

Appraiser Story: When Your Storage Unit Contents Disappear Into A Dumpster

Sometimes being an appraiser is a bit like being a detective. This week, Lynn recounts her experience in front of a judge and jury before testifying about her appraisal for items she had never seen. What did she do?

A Lower Estate Sale Commission DOES NOT Mean More Money

Does a Lower Estate Sale Commission Mean More Money for You? NO! Estate liquidation is a booming industry. Are you going to let a stranger without credentials come into your home or a family member’s home to take charge of the contents?

A History of Duncan Phyfe: Iconic Furniture Designer of the Federal Period

Duncan Phyfe was THE leading furniture maker in New York, working in the Sheraton, Regency and Directoire style. He was, likely, the most copied Neo-classical furniture artist in American history.

Why My Appraisal Evaluation Is Unbiased, Thoughtful and Credible

Often after I complete a written appraisal, my clients ask:

“How did you come up with the value of my antique….. ? I bought it twenty-five years ago for much more than the value you’ve placed on it.”

Artist Spotlight – Albert Green

A New Jersey local, Albert Green became an internationally respected artist.

Appraisal Story: When Your Life Drives Away

She packed up her belongings, put them in the moving van, and watched her life’s possessions disappear into the distance… never to be seen again.

2016 Interior Design Trends

Wishing your home felt more like a summer getaway? We have the latest trends of 2016 to make your home feel like a paradise this summer. Mixed Materials For 2016, tasteful eclectic is in. Mixing materials is a great way to freshen up a space and leave a memorable impression on your guests. If you like [...]

Marianne’s Story: An Estate Sale Experience

I was first introduced to The Magnusson Group by our family lawyer after the death of my mother in 2012, when we engaged them to perform a personal property appraisal for her estate. From the first encounter, they displayed compassion and professionalism, as well as sensitivity to our family in a difficult time. Lynn and [...]

What you can expect at a Magnusson Estate Sale

With the Magnussons, you can always expect the highest quality in estate sale services. These are the standards we hold ourselves and our customers to.

How Not To Get Burned at Auction

The art market, particularly the auction world, can be extremely exciting and dramatic. We all hear stories from top news sources about the most recent record-high sums paid for works of fine art. However, while some sellers win big by consigning at auction, others end up getting “BURNED.”

Are Your Valuables Protected by Your Insurance?

Risk analysis and insurance coverage are hardly fun topics to think about. But if you own fine art and antiques, jewelry, silver and/or breakables, it is important to protect your collection.

Art Trends: Cold, Lukewarm or Haute?

Do you want to know what’s going on in the “art” world? Here are some notable trends we’re tracking in the market so far for 2016…

3 Things Families Wish They Knew When Handling an Estate

Equitable distribution and tax issues are best addressed before they become urgent and emotionally draining. A family’s lack of preparation always leads to more unintended turmoil down the line.
As appraisers and advisors, we’ve been helping manage personal property assets for over 20 years.

Spring Cleaning

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you want to embrace the gorgeous weather just outside your window. But, before you can skip outside footloose and fancy-free, there is “The Matter of Spring Cleaning” to attend to!

SPRING ESTATE SALE PREVIEW: 7 Sales Coming Up (& Then Some!)

Spring is Here – Get Ready to Shop!
We are so exited for our spring lineup of upcoming estate sales. There will be one-day, two-day, and three-day sales in April and May so far.

Artist Spotlight – C. Jeré

THIS JUST IN: Our 2nd post for our 'Artist Spotlight' series is up! This week, Lauren looks at a team of brothers-in-law who create Mid-Century Modern sculptures under the name "C. Jeré."

Do You Need A Verbal Consultation?

Do You "Just Want to Know What It's Worth?" Are you Downsizing and trying to figure out what to sell or keep? Are you trying to settle an Estate? Are you unsure of what objects require Insurance? Do you need a Plan for your Stuff? A Verbal Consultation gives you an unbiased "Antiques Roadshow"-type experience [...]

Artist Spotlight – Tony Lordi

Check out the first in our ‘Artist Spotlight’ series! This week we take a look at the fun and funky folk art sculpture by Tony Lordi, a New Jersey native. Come in and see it for yourself Monday-Friday 9-4!

Jewelry Market Trends

Happy Valentines Day! Ever wonder how much those Valentine jewels will be worth years down the line?
In February, a little blue box from Tiffany’s can be a symbol of love, commitment, or (in some cases) desperation. We exchange gems and jewelry as a symbol of our affection because they are beautiful, rare, and valuable.

An African Art Estate

Imagine the following story: "John and Jane's" parents recently passed away, one predeceasing the other by just weeks.  Mom and Dad left behind “a lot of stuff,” including a significant collection of African art. During the mid-1960s, after their Peace Corps days in Africa, their parents acquired what would be the first of many African [...]

Appraising Fine Art & Personal Property for Tax Purposes

Tax season is just around the corner.  It's time to think about filing for a deduction for the donations you made last year.  You must provide the Internal Revenue Service with a specific type of appraisal to satisfy their requirements. You should consider: 1) When do I need a tax appraisal for donating personal property? [...]

What You Need To Know About Gifting or Donating Fine Objects

Like with any gift, charitable gifting is about more than just the object. It is important to determine the intended user or benefactor of your gift. To receive an IRS tax deduction, one must donate to a qualified organization, as opposed to a specific person.

Meet Facebook Contest Winner: Joseph Buccellato from Fat Farm at Pot Belly Stove Galleria

Joseph Buccello runs Fat Farm NJ, a shop specializing in a wide arrange of antiques such as doors, knobs, stained glass, folk art, and tools. Fat Farm NJ opened its doors on October 15 at the Pot Belly Stove Galleria in Lafayette, NJ. The building has over 15 antique and craft vendors.

Jennifer’s Story: An Estate Sale Experience

Magnusson Estate Services in a nutshell: HIRE THIS COMPANY! I don’t have enough wonderful things to say about Magnusson Estate Services! I hired them in the fall after a friend passed away and she left the entire contents of her home to me. While this home included valuable antique furniture, fine artwork, collectible decorations, and […]

New Estate Sale Testimonial Video

A Magnusson Testimonial - W. Barry Thomson, Exec. for Nutwood Mansion.

Our Feature in Business News Daily

The Magnusson Group was interviewed by Business News Daily. Check out our feature for their “Behind the Business Plan” section. You can read all about Lynn Magnusson’s journey from Swim Coach to Certified & Accredited Personal Property Appraiser.

Don’t forget to submit to our Barn Sale Facebook Contest!

We want to see how you restored your items from the Watchung Barn Sale!
To Submit
1) Take a picture of one of your purchases from the Barn Sale
2) Post the picture on our Facebook Page and write how you plan to use/have used the item.

BRBA Presents “Showing Your Antiques on the Road” with The Magnussons

What’s it Worth & How Do I Sell It?
Downsizing, De-cluttering or Settling an Estate?
Do you have any idea what your items are worth?
This fun & educational presentation will help.

Collections of All Shapes and Sizes: How do You Insure them?

Personal Property Appraisers see all kinds of “anything” – from major-league art, wine, coins, jewelry and rugs to antique toys, art glass, sterling silver and even Santas!
Are you unsure whether your collection has appreciated since you acquired it?

To Be Or Not To Be: Life as an Appraiser

I’m not sure why, but, all our clients are really nice people. After 22 years in the field, I am blessed to meet someone new every day, learn something new everyday, and teach someone new every day. Our business brings in interesting jobs on a daily basis. Even so, the places we visit and the […]

The Effect of 3-D Reproductions on the Value of Original Art

We value certain objects because they are handmade, because hands made them and because they are historically important. The actual brushstrokes, the actual paint. There is only one. It almost always begins its life admired in a private home. Later, perhaps, it lives in a public institution, admired by many. In either case, the invisible […]

How to Turn a $3 Garage Sale Find into $2 Million

This will NOT happen when you hire Magnusson Estate Services:
A New York family has turned a $3.00 garage sale purchase of a rare Chinese “Ding” bowl into a $2.22 million sale at a recent NY auction.

How Do I Sell My Antiques?

The appraiser’s job is to determine the scope of the project. This means that you should be prepared to answer important questions that will determine the answer to your question. – What is your motivation? Are you moving, downsizing, in need of cash, trading up or settling an estate? – What is your time frame? […]

Not Sure if you Need a Professional Appraiser?

If you want to know if hiring a certified & accredited appraiser is worth your time and money, then do a little preliminary research on your objects. If you can identify an item of furniture, jewelry, decorative or fine art, you are on your way to determining a value.

Estate Planning for Collectibles

Many people are knowledgeable about the value of their estates: stocks, bonds, real estate. Few pay attention to their personal property. I think this is often because your collection represents you and your passions and memories; and a price is not easily put upon that.

Beware! Of Auction House Appraisals

Victor Wiener was my very first-ever appraisal instructor (USPAP) and my inspiration for pursuing an advanced appraisal education. This article was on Chubb Insurance’s website today.

What do you want to know?

I never would have guessed the top 10 searches of items people want to know about on this website, would you? Read more to see what people are searching for in 2010.

America’s Top Doggies Market

The Magnusson family loves dogs and dog art! We sure do love our puppies here. Visit Polly and Sasha, mother and daughter Bijons (Polly ex-Westminster show!). Read more to discover new dog art at our gallery.

The Angry Historian: Don’t Get Scammed: Use Common Sense

The Angry Historian writes a worthwhile article on the dangers of fakes: “Don’t Get Scammed: Use Common Sense.”

Who you gonna call? Pay Attention or the Tax Authorities will getcha

Just because an appraiser says they know about art or antiques or home contents, doesn’t mean you should hire them. Some “appraisers” pay for an association with an appraisal society. That doesn’t mean they’ve ascended to MEMBERS. It’s important that your due diligence includes hiring the right appraiser: one who is ACCREDITED by the American […]

Brains + Lips = Win the Antiques Roadshow Game

The Antiques Roadshow website has a game you can play. You watch a little video segment. Along the way are multiple choice questions regarding the item (like “Who is Thomas Chippendale?”) And finally, can you guess the price before the appraiser calls it? Thanks to 16 years of fine and decorative art study, I managed […]

Opposites Attract Buyers

This weekend, we visited Pook & Pook Auction in Downingtown, PA and Rago’s in Lambertville, NJ. In many ways, these two venues represent polar opposites of the auction market in terms of product offerings. Pook’s Saturday sale featured about 750 lots of 18th and 19th century American furniture and decorative arts. The room was filled […]

Estate Wars!!

The Magnusson Group has watched many family dramas take place when a loved one or family member passes away, or when family members downsize. Regardless of how fair and reasonable people’s intentions are, there’s often misunderstandings. A professional appraiser, like us, can help with the identification, labeling, valuing and distribution advice for almost all things […]

Playing the Antiques Roadshow Game

Do you love the Antiques Roadshow as much as we do? Drew and I have been playing the Antiques Roadshow “game” for about 10 years. It goes like this: the owner of the thing presents his item and its story to the appraiser on the show; before the appraiser divulges their value determination, each of […]

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Senate Begins Hearings on CCRCs
On July 21, the Senate Special Committee on Aging chaired by Herb Kohl (D-Wisconsin) convened a hearing on the state of the CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) industry.

Fraud for Gold – SHAME ON THEM

NJ gold selling consumers beware! We’ve been warning our clients and friends for years to avoid selling their precious metal jewelry and coins to charlatans.

FYI – For our Clients Who Own Fine Works of Art & Those Who Wish They Did

Is it time to Buy or Sell?
ArtPrice Report of May’s top Sales shows that the Top 10 sales combined valued at $324.3 million.

….from Swimming to the White Elephant

Lynn, do you collect anything? Yes, I collect friends, music and occasionally broken green pottery. Why broken green pottery? I like green pottery and I feel sorry for the broken ones. When and how did you get into the appraisal of antiques? Through my husband’s Comedy Club, Rascal’s, back in the early 90s. Seemed like […]

HNWI + Art = Investment

Read about Christie’s post-war and contemporary auction, which led with a record-setting $28.6 million sale of a waxy painting of an American flag by Jasper Johns.

Results: Christie’s Impressionist and Modern Art

On Tuesday Christie’s held its New York Impressionist and Modern Art Sale. We already know of the auction record price of $106.5 million including buyers premium for the Picasso, but what about the rest of the sale, which included additional property from the Brody collection? The sale offered 69 lots with 56 selling for a […]

Would you sell to Frank & Mike?

I enjoy the American Pickers series because I learn a lot about parts. Parts of bicycles, parts of cars, parts of things I usually don’t handle; physically, that is. I do enjoy getting dirty now and then, but, Mike and Frank really dig in. Like “Dirty Jobs,” I like to watch. Being an unbiased appraiser, […]

Best Selling eBay Items

EDITED: We are no longer offering free Pre-Sale Estimates on Fridays. However, you can receive a problem solving consultation over the phone by calling 973-425-1550 I am being twittered by: See the Best Selling eBay Items of the last 90 days. If one ever needed a quick education on “stuff” that sells on eBay, this […]

I Hope You Don’t Have One Of These

I am often asked to appraise Dalis, Chagalls, Miros, Remingtons and the like. This is dangerous and sad territory for these clients, as most are fakes. They are beautifully framed and reproduced, contributing to the great sums that the clients paid for them at "estate" auctions and cruise auctions. I hate being the bearer of [...]

My Favorite Dec Art Teacher

Louise Devenish has taught at NYU’s Appraisal Studies Program for several years, as well as at Parson’s School of Design. I have had the privilege of taking most of her classes. Her Style and Ornament class should be a requirement for all students of antiques. She currently writes for 1st Dibs. Her insightful article about […]

Something to Smile About: Antiques Market Improving

Many experts and dealers consider the Winter Antiques Show in NYC to be a barometer of things to come for the rest of the year. The New York Times reports that the results are very positive. The show saw over 22,000 attendees, up over 20% from the 2009 show. Sales, according to dealers in the […]

DNA proves…Elvis is Alive!?

“It all began in the early days of the Probate Lawyer Blog, when I came across a Memphis newspaper story about a woman claiming that she was the secret half-sister of Elvis and that she had the DNA to prove it. How did she get the DNA? From Elvis, because he was alive. She had […]

Corporate Museum Donation is Unusual in these Times!

Read all about it! Corporate donations to non-profits is something we haven’t seen in awhile. Timely, considering the awareness of our northwest natives within the context of the Olympics. I heard them called “aboriginals.” That’s news, too. Safeco Donating $3.5 Million Art Collection to Consortium of Museums.

My next library trip….

Have you read Jane Cleland’s Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteries? Josie’s an antiques appraiser who uses her knowledge of antiques to solve crimes. Often called an Antiques Roadshow for mystery fans, the Josie Prescott Antiques Mysteries are traditional mysteries set on the rugged New Hampshire coast.

Thinking about Stuff….

My friend, Nancy Doyne, wrote an interesting article about a man who thought about what would happen to his collections in the future. The legacy he left was more about how he cared for his family than about the things themselves. Oh, if only..... all our clients were like Mr. Josephson.

A Field Guide to Live Auctions

A Field Guide to Live Auctions.

You Never Know What Will Come In The Door…..

What do you think we see every day as appraisers? I bet you wouldn’t be able to guess. Read a few samples of the types of items that come through an appraisers hands.

A Look at the Collective Jewelry Market

If you’ve got jewelry you want to learn more about you’ll like this – David Wolf, ASA, Master Gemologist writes for Chubb Insurance Newsletter. Here’s one of his articles: Diamonds and Precious Jewels: A Look at the Collective Jewelry Market.

NYC Americana Week

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did. I have a love hate relationship with Americana Week in NYC. I love it because one can see the most interesting and magnificent art and antiques up close and personal in a week. I hate it because January is such an […]

The Economist: Chinese Export Porcelain Sales Report

Heads up to those of you who might like to buy a piece of history! The late Chinese Export dealer Elinor Gordon’s collection is on the block next week at Sotheby’s in New York on January 23rd, 2010. It is a must see for any of you interested in these historical porcelain pieces. Her private […]

Need inspiration?

Isn’t it nice to know that there are good kids out there today doing good things? My friend, Nancy Doyne, from Mountain Lakes, NJ, has three amazing daughters, one of whom is Maggie. She has been working in Nepal, building a children’s home called Kopila Valley. Her post high school journal here is awesome. See […]

Christies’ Reports Growing Influence of Chinese Collectors – Lynn’s Take

“Mainland Chinese are buying more art at Christie’s International’s auctions in New York and Europe as their purchases “rose significantly” last year using wealth produced by a growing economy, Christie’s said.”

Everything You Need You Already Have.

Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now, you are a whole, total person, not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else. -Beverly Sills Sadly, hoarders and savers have not heeded her wise words. Help is available! The National Assn. of Professional Organizers Personal Property Consultants is an affiliate […]

Do you know…

  Do you know… the most important requirement of any appraiser is USPAP compliance? The Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 recognizes USPAP as the generally accepted appraisal standards and requires USPAP compliance for appraisers in federally related transactions. State Appraiser Certification and Licensing Boards; federal, state, and local agencies, appraisal services; […]

Downsize = Rightsize!

Our clients tell us that downsizing is one of the hardest things they ever do. But, they also tell us, post-execution, that it is one of the most gratifying of experiences. Letting go of their excess baggage is liberating. They want to know that their personal collections are respected and will go to someone who […]

Museum DeAccessioning

Museums across the country are selling off portions of their collections to generate cash for operating expenses. It’s a passionate discussion; no one wants to HAVE to do this. Sadly, reality interferes with artistic missions. If you can’t experience it, is there still art? Many museums and historical institutions SHOULD redefine their mission statements, re-allocate […]


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