It Sold For What?! – Timepiece Edition

Hello! Welcome to the Magnusson Guessing Game, It Sold for WHAT?!

In this game of trivia, you are shown images of two similar objects. Guess which item sold for what between the given options. All sales took place in the secondary marketplace.

Ready? Set? Go!




One of these Rolex Daytonas sold for $5,800,000. The other sold for $80,000. Which one is more expensive?

A! The Rolex Daytona Reference 6265 known as “The Unicorn” was expected to sell for $3 million, but went for nearly double ($5.8M) at a Phillips auction in Geneva, Switzerland. It is the only known example in white gold for this reference.

The Rolex Daytona Ref. 6265 in stainless steel (Item B) is known as the “Big Red”. They regularly sell for about $80,000 on the secondary market, far less than examples in yellow gold, and the “Unicorn” in white gold.




One of these Patek Philippe timepieces sold for $1,500,000. The other sold for almost three times that amount. Which one is more expensive?

A! The Ref. 2499 by Patek Philippe is the marquee model from their line of calendar chronographs. This platinum example is one of only two in the world and the only one in private hands.  Eric Clapton paid $3.6 million for it; the other is in the Patek Philippe Museum

B is the Patek Philippe 6002.  It’s price tag is about $1.5 million.  Though less expensive than Mr. Clapton’s, it is one of Patek’s finest creations, having more than 100 highly skilled man-hours invested in the engraving process alone.  Interested buyers must file an application just to try the watch on!”




One of these Omegas sold for $1,500,000. The other sold for $225,000. Which one is the more expensive timepiece?

B! This rare 1947 Omega prototype, cased in stainless steel, is the only known period-completed tourbillon wristwatch in existence.  This example sold last year for $1.5 million.

The 1958 Omega Speedmaster Ref. CK 2915-1 (Item A) made of stainless steel was among the first generation of Speedmasters created. Approximately ten years later, NASA chose the upgraded Speedmaster model to accompany astronauts to the moon, cementing its legacy in the watch world. This particular example sold in 2017 for $260,000 at auction.




Which one of these two watches is the most expensive ever sold at auction?

A!  While the Rolex Daytona Ref. 6239 is colloquially called “the Paul Newman” by Rolex collectors, this is the actual watch owned and worn by the famed actor, race car driver, and philanthropist. It sold for $17.8M at auction last year, making it the most expensive wristwatch ever sold at auction.

Item B, the Rolex Daytona  Ref. 6239 is a great example without such stellar provenance.  These watches can sell for up to $225,000 at auction.

No matter your score, we hope you’ve learned a little about the luxury timepiece marketplace. Let us know how you did, and share on your favorite social media.

Co-authored by: Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA and Jack Daly, Administrator

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