Keep It, Cash It, Gift It or Trash It?

Hello! We have a NEW Magnusson Game for you today, Keep It, Cash It, Gift It or Trash It?

When I go into my twice a year cleaning mode, I have a good sense of what to keep, sell, donate or throw away. After hearing feedback from our last blog, Never Pay for a Storage Unit!, I thought you might need some help determining what to keep in your downsizing process.

In this game of trivia, you are given an image & description of an object. Decide if this is an item you would keep, cash, gift or trash when cleaning out your home.  Bear in mind, we did not account for sentimental value in this game.

Ready? Set? Go!

QUESTION 1: Hummel Porcelain Figurine – “FOR FATHER #87”

Keep It, Cash It, Gift It or Trash It?

Keep It, Cash It or Trash It?

My Advice: GIFT IT!  Hummels were collected after WWII by wives, mothers and grandmothers of soldiers who served in Europe.  As this group downsized, the market was flooded and prices plummeted. There are a few exceptions, but most Hummels sell on eBay for a few dollars. This example, “For Father,” sold for less than $15!  In our family, we traditionally have a Christmas “dirty Santa” or “Yankee swap” that is full of re-gifts.  This would make a perfect addition…along with a Bottle King gift card!

QUESTION 2: Hermes Orange Epsom Leather Birkin Handbag (2010)

Keep It, Cash It, Gift It or Trash It?

Keep It, Cash It or Trash It?

My Advice: KEEP IT!  This pristine handbag & scarf ensemble sold for $3,750 last year at auction.  Assuming you originally purchased this at a retail store, you cannot buy another one for less than twice the price. Of course, there are always look-a-likes available for significantly less. If you don’t mind having an off-brand bag, then CASH IT!

QUESTION 3: Huanghwali Miniature Competition Furniture

Keep It, Cash It or Trash It?

My Advice: CASH IT!  This little set is made of Huanghwali (also spelled Huanghuali), a Chinese wood that has gained popularity for its color, scent & distinctive grain. It sold for $3000!  Recently, a pair of fine, adult-sized Huanghwali armchairs sold for almost $400,000!  Unless you are a serious collector, this is great way to pay for a vacation!  Of course, the date and dynasty affects value.

QUESTION 4: Vintage Cast Iron Children’s Singer Sewing Machine (Manual)

Keep It, Cash It or Trash It?

Keep It, Cash It or Trash It?

My Advice: CASH IT OR TRASH!  At The Magnusson Group, we get a lot of calls for evaluations of “Grandma’s” vintage Singer sewing machines. Lots of people want to sell them and few people are buying.  As for this child’s machine… it sold for $57 on eBay. How many children do you know that sew AND want to use a vintage machine?  If you want to make a little money, check to see that all your machine’s parts are intact and that it’s in proper working condition. You can then list it online or drop it off at the local thrift store for a tax deduction. If that is too much trouble, (I can’t bear to say…) TRASH IT!

QUESTION 5: Portrait of a Girl, 1949 by Leonard Tsuguharu Foujita

Keep It, Cash It or Trash It?

Keep It, Cash It or Trash It?

My Advice: KEEP IT! Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita was born in Tokyo, Japan. He studied at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music before moving to Paris.  Foujita was friends with Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Amedeo Modigliani, Chaïm Soutine & other avant-garde artists of the day. Foujita’s association with them adds value.  You might not be able to afford the more famous artists’ works, but you can get close. This sweet little drawing sold at auction for $7,000.00.  Need a new roof on your house or to pay a tuition bill?  CASH IT!

How did you do? Did any of the sale prices surprise you?

I live a simple life, free of clutter. I’ll enjoy an object for a time and then let go of it to make room for something “new.” How do you determine what to keep in your home?


If you loved this Magnusson Game, tell us in the comments so we will create more for you!

Co-Authors: Lynn Magnusson, ASA, AAA and Becky Lipnick, Communications Coordinator

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  • Chris Lipper

    Well done! Best news letter I’ve seen in a while. Great company. Thank you for sending.

  • doug shore

    cute keep up the fun stuff

  • Eileen Bergman

    What a great game – yet another reason to recommend your services to my clients. You guys are creative, honest and fun.

  • Magnusson

    Thanks, Chris! It is always a pleasure to hear your feedback.

  • Magnusson

    That’s the plan, Doug! We are working on another It Sold for What?! blog at the moment! It should be out this week or next week.

  • Magnusson

    Thank you, Eileen! It is always a pleasure to work with you. I imagine your clients must play this game a lot as they organize.

  • Debbie Irwin

    I’m so happy to have stumbled upon you!
    This was not only fun, but informative.
    I could use someone with your clarity of mission to help me with my art collections and closets!

  • Magnusson

    Thank you, Debbie! If you have any questions about your art or other home contents, please feel free to give us a call at 973-425-1550.

  • Gaye Fulton

    This is a great idea. Post much more please.
    I do not have enough “stuff” for a sale of my own. Do you ever do a collective sale from many people.

    Eldest of the three sisters! NJ, Paris, Vancouver. We have had so much fun with your whole team

  • Lynne Greene-Karlan

    Thanks for help in the past (2011 move) and this…fun!

  • Magnusson

    Thank you, Lynne! Also, glad to hear that you enjoyed the blog!

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